Course Title:          
 Basic Writing English I             
Course Code:     
ENGL 152                                 
Contact Hours:
Four (4) hours per week           

Course Duration: One (1) semester                      
Course level: First year
Prerequisite: Engl. 097 or Placement Exam

Course Description

ENGL 152 is a first-year level course that introduces students to the process of paragraph writing development.  The course teaches students how to produce great paragraphs by generating, developing and organizing their ideas with paragraph writing skills, focusing on the four main features of a paragraph: the indentation,  the topic sentence, the supporting details and the conclusion.  Four paragraph modes will be covered: Process, Descriptive, Opinion and Narrative.

Evaluation Criteria

Partial Grade 1 (Units 1-4)                                           100 pts.
Departmental Midterm Exam (paragraph writing)       100 pts.
Partial Grade II                                                             100 pts.
Departmental Final Exam (paragraph writing)            100 pts.
Total points                                                                400 pts.


Folse, Keith S., Muchmore-Vokoun, A. and Vestri Solomon, E. (2010). Great Paragraphs. Third ed.  Boston: Heinle Cengage Learning

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